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Fiber Laser Marking / Engraving

Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving uses a laser that is very effective on hard, dark materials.  This includes but is not limited to metals, plastics, and carbon fiber.  A concentrated beam of light generates a large amount of heat and marks or engraves your material.  I can mark most any design as long as it is 2 dimensional.  The equipment is capable of marking images, texts, and custom designs of all types.  Some designs will need to be converted into a more effective file type for a sharper looking product.  My laser is capable of 2.5D engraving, feel free to contact me and we can discuss situations where this might be of interest.  From custom cups, to adding QR codes to your gear, I can make your ideas a reality. 

Laser Technical Parameters

- Power: 50W

- Laser Wavelength: 1064nm

- Marking Area: 150mm*150mm

- Marking Depth: ≤2mm

- Marking Speed: 7000mm/s

- Minimum Line Width: 0.015mm

- Minimum Character: 0.2mm

- Repeated Precision: ±0.003mm

- Focus Spot Diameter: <0.01mm

- Output Frequency of Laser: 20KHz~80KHz continuously to be adjusted

- Dimension (L*W*H): 550mm*600mm*600mm

- Added support: Rotary Device, other customized mounts

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